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Lisa Lowe

All of our services are provided at the Lisa Lowe Centre based in Cronkbourne, Tromode.  The centre is named after Lisa who, despite her cancer, worked tirelessly and inspirationally as a major fundraiser for the charity.


Lisa was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer at the age of 38 when she had a job she loved at Barclays Bank and a beautiful three year old daughter, Amy, of whom she was immensely proud. After a major operation and making a good recovery, Lisa’s cancer returned and she was given the very difficult to accept news that she was terminally ill.

Lisa was an inspirational lady with an infectious spirit and great determination. With the love and support of her husband Steph, friends and family, she set about raising as much money as she could for local cancer charities to highlight the importance of the services they were providing.

Lisa organised and was the public face of many events held while she was ill and raised over £80,000 for Manx Cancer Help. This wonderful amount of money enabled Eve Berridge to take the lease out on the first proper premises for the charity and so was hugely instrumental in laying the foundations of the service we provide today.

Lisa sadly died in November 1997 and those of us at the charity today didn’t ever meet her. We are still inspired though by her spirit and determination that cancer, whilst being a devastating illness that claims the life of too many people, should not detract from enjoying every day to the best of our ability whilst we are able to do so.

It is a pleasure and a privilege for us to carry the name of the Lisa Lowe Centre forward with Manx Cancer Help and we hope that Lisa would be proud of the service that we provide today.

It is in Lisa’s memory that we have tried to create a unique space where the distress that cancer may cause can be eased the minute that you walk through the door.

Importantly, the Lisa Lowe Centre is centrally located and close to the hospital.  It is on a bus route and off road parking is available if travelling by car.



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