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Follow up for Line managers and Wellbeing First Aid officers

Usually when a course has been completed and a certificate has been given that would be everything required from both facilitator and client until a refresher is needed.

This is not best practice with mental health though and at The Lisa Lowe Centre we recognise that although we provide basic training, this is not at the level of our therapists and advice should be given regularly to all that have taken on the roles.

Every counsellor and therapist receives supervision to discuss their workload and if any problems arise with clients/work colleagues these are addressed at these meetings.

Sometimes a fresh way of looking at issues and advice from a senior therapist will have dramatic changes.

Each week at Hope Street we will be offering a lunch session where all Line Managers and First aid officers can join one of our therapists and in a group setting can discuss in a confidential environment each case and the difficulties that may have come up.

Additionally, if a problem appears that the trained line manager or wellbeing first aid officer is not comfortable with they can call the Lisa Lowe Centre and a therapist will be get back that day for a person to person call. Any queries, complications, advice can be accessed daily, professionally and swiftly.

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