Strength through support

Supporting the community’s positive mental health

Support Group


Each week on a Thursday night we open our doors at the Lisa Lowe Centre from 6pm until 7.30pm and offer a chance for anyone who is or has been affected by low mood, anxiety or is looking for general help with their, or a loved ones well-being.

The groups are confidential, welcoming and supportive. On the night you are not obliged to share your reason for coming, the room is designed with comfy sofa's with a warm and relaxed atmosphere and conversation is encouraged to match this theme.

Typically you will get to hear from participants that are currently or have already lived with poor well-being that many on Island are struggling with daily. You will get to know what options are available on Island from therapy to coping strategies.

Some of the topics discussed are;

  • Mindfulness 
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Exercise options
  • Diet
  • Signposting for support
  • What to expect from therapy

We hope that if you are currently on a waiting list to see a therapist (Any therapy service on Island) or if you see that a loved one or colleague is struggling with their Mental well-being, that you will join our friendly team and find out how you can help.   




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