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Workshop 2 - Impact of traumatic events

Impact of traumatic events in the workplace – 2.5 hour workshop


To provide you with the knowledge, skills and toolkit you need to support wellbeing and mental health issues relating to a traumatic event that has occurred and find out how to manage emotional periods.

Course overview

This workshop provides you with the skills, knowledge and toolkit to manage difficult periods of life and work pressures; this will also help you become a support for colleagues that maybe going through a difficult time.

This workshop will be facilitated by Professor Robin Davidson, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist employed at The Lisa Lowe Centre as our clinical lead. The workshop will be structured in a CPD approach with the methodology including interactive work, self-assessment and group discussion. The workshop content will begin looking at what constitutes a traumatic event will be specified and again defined. Traumatic events which can impact on work performance are wide and varied but can include things like diagnosis of serious illness, bereavement, stress at home, a road traffic accident and problems in the family circle.



This 2.5 hour workshop is held in a relaxed setting to optimise the learning process. By the end of the session you will have learnt:

  • What qualifies as a traumatic event
  • An understanding of what procedures should be taken
  • An understanding of the factors that can help the healing process
  • What your role is in supporting a colleague


Who should attend

This workshop is specially designed for anyone in the workplace environment.

Key information

This course is brought to you by The Lisa Lowe Centre in support of Manx Cancer Help, a registered charity. Our mission is to promote awareness of mental health in the local community in support of the people of the Isle of Man. 


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